Have you ever stumbled upon
something that changed your life?

As we search for what sparks amazement and growth, seeking what will propel us to our dreams, we stumble on words of wisdom that change us. A book, an article, a speech, a movie, or even a deeply moving quote. We have all discovered pieces of storytelling and insight that have shifted a paradigm within us, that gave us a transformational, revolutionary ‘aha!’ moment.

We don’t want you to stumble through your journey of personal growth and development anymore. The Legacy Library compiles the most inspiring and empowering content available so that when you need knowledge that takes you to the next level, you know exactly where to look.

We’re your home, the place to explore, play, learn, experiment, and uncover the greatness and potential in you.

The Legacy Library Welcomes Everyone

The Legacy Library is the flint to Ignite self development, personal growth, and financial wellness around the planet. Within the shelves of our digital collection, you’ll find consciousness-shifting ideas and resources on leadership, business, relationships, storytelling, finance, skill building, and much, much more.

We house powerful tools for learning and make accessing empowering and actionable content easy for all. Whether you’re the CEO of a huge company or a student halfway across the world ready to change your life, the Legacy Library is for everyone.

When We Prioritize Our Growth,
We Ignite humanity

The Legacy Library is part of the Ignite Humanity movement created by Lady JB Owen. The Ignite Humanity mission is to give people the tools to empower themselves and share their stories. We believe that when we share the moments that shape us, we create deeper connections and an understanding that has the power to bridge divides, spark change, and unite people on a global scale.

Think of us as the springboard that allows people to dive headfirst into their aspirations.

Knowledge for the Future Generation of Ignited Leaders

The Legacy Library is the home for humanity’s knowledge. There are young people worldwide who don’t have access to information that allows them to gain empowerment, financial literacy, business acumen, interpersonal skills, and more, simply because these kinds of books and courses are not made available to them.

We are changing that. The Legacy Library allows schools and young learners to pull books off our shelves to Ignite their lives. As part of our desire to fuel the world with knowledge and inspire the next generation, copies of some titles listed in the library will be donated to schools and communities who lack these resources.

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